Successfully managing a design or construction project, or developing a new marketing or operational plan often requires knowledge or technical skills outside the realm of what’s needed in the day-to-day operation of a food and beverage service. The team at PFFW can handle these projects for you, letting you use your time and energy to manage your business.

Our experience in the design and construction of food facilities all over the world means we know how to take your ideas, create a design, and then oversee all aspects of the construction process to make sure it’s built to proper codes and specifications. Then we oversee the training of staff, development of operational plans, and make sure everything is on schedule to launch on your time schedule.

If you need your operations to move in a new direction or want to make changes to your services, we will analyze your business plan, incorporate market trend data, and show you how to realize top profit from your business. We will also set up daily operational plans and manage any and every area of your food and beverage business you need us to. If you have any kind of food and beverage service related project that needs managing, we are here to help.

At PFFW, it’s our job to keep up with not only niche-specific solutions in the food and beverage industry, but with the technology and skills to implement them. We are not afraid of change and will show you how it can be good for your business as well. Our knowledge of the marketplace means we understand what makes an exceptional dining experience and how that impacts your business plan. Let our team work with you to move your business forward with the tools to meet changing demands worldwide.


      • Proven leader in the food and beverage industry
      • Experts in food service management
      • Team of professionals specializing in project and construction management
      • Engineered profitability and a proven track record of success
      • Provide specific action plans and timelines tailored to your facility
      • Follow-up programs to further achieve your goals and desired results.


Mike Holtzman is a seasoned Food and Beverage professional who understands every detail of the business and he also knows what questions to ask to better understand a business’s challenges and opportunities. I would recommend his work to anyone operating a food and beverage business who wants to bring about substantial improvements to their business model and their bottom line.


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