Kitchen Design and F&B Operations Consulting

As a growing part of the leisure and entertainment industry, Family Entertainment Centers are becoming profitable enterprises. Rather than being a restaurant with some games and “kiddie” rides thrown in, or an active experience that happens to serve a few food items, most FECs are now a full combination of both food and entertainment.

Whether you run a bowling alley, movie theater, laser tag course, or a seasonal enterprise like a pumpkin patch or corn maze, you want to make sure you are getting the greatest profitability possible out of your food and beverage service component. Captive audiences at FECs see the food and entertainment as equal parts of the experience so you want to make sure your f&b services are part of the attraction as well.

At PFFW, our years of experience in the ever changing food and beverage services industry means we know what guests are looking for and how quickly their tastes can change. We will help you design menus, systems and procedures that will allow you to serve your guests quickly and efficiently while showing you a profitable bottom line.


Why Choose Us For Your Family Entertainment Center?

  • Proven leader in the food and beverage industry
  • Experts in food service management
  • Team of professionals specializing in project and construction management
  • Engineered profitability and a proven track record of success
  • Provide specific action plans and timelines tailored to your facility
  • Follow-up programs to further achieve your goals and desired results.

What Clients Say

PFF and Mike have taken our food and beverage from an afterthought to a professional, profitable department with an excellent team serving a quality product.
Denise Kerrigan - Managing Member, Zoom Flume