What is the advantage of hiring a food and beverage consultant?2018-11-28T21:02:58-08:00

A food and beverage consultant like PFFW is first of all a fresh set of eyes that is trained to quickly recognize opportunities and has the knowledge, skills, and connections to develop them. Because food and beverage services are our only business, we keep up on market trends, problems and solutions. Whether the challenge is bringing down costs or boosting sales, PFFW can show you new ideas.

Food and beverage costs seem like they’re out of control, but I don’t have enough time to research how to tackle them. What can I do?2018-11-28T21:02:58-08:00

The only thing more frustrating than out-of-line costs is not knowing how and where to start addressing them. By relying on PFFW’s experience in this area you will see your food and beverage costs drop. Knowing where to go for lower prices or how to negotiate for them can be time consuming, we can step in to do this for you. We also show you the systems and procedures that need to be put in place to properly manage the food and beverage numbers. Lower cost of goods requires diligence, an acute sense of awareness, and continuous monitoring.

Will you “disappear” once the job is over like other consultants do?2018-11-28T21:02:58-08:00

PFFW prides itself on staying involved long after the completion of a project. In situations where multiple visits to a site are necessary, PFFW stays in touch with continual phone or e-mail support. After the end of a job, we check back to see how things are going and are always available when questions arise or you need another opinion. Our success is dependent on your success.

Shouldn’t my profits automatically increase if my cost of goods decreases?2018-11-28T21:02:58-08:00

Lower prices do not guarantee an increase of profits. It is more like the icing on the cake. How the goods are handled after they come in the back door is just as important. PFFW can help to negotiate the fairest prices (and there are savings to be had), but it is the systems used to wisely manage the product that make the difference.

Kitchens are expensive! How do I avoid spending too much?2018-11-28T21:02:58-08:00

Small can be beautiful. Less can be more. PFFW “right-sizes” the kitchen for the concept, paying attention to the menu and the anticipated volume of business. We have no ties with equipment manufacturers or distributors (a main source of expense). We consult with local sources as well as nation-wide before any decisions are made. Our designs factor in the applicable building codes and health standards, so that no time or expenses are wasted due to error, or to a lack of research being done.

Does Profitable Food Facilities Worldwide only focus on the numbers?2018-11-28T21:02:58-08:00

No. Any successful food entity has its success rooted in quality, service and cleanliness. These are the cornerstones that support the administrative aspects of the food and beverage business. They help to generate repeat business, and without repeat business success is unlikely. In its operational evaluations PFFW includes a critical look at many things in addition to the bottom line: sanitation and food handling procedures, staff training and management style are only part of our overall assessment of your facility. Our approach is based on a sense of ownership -anything we prescribe for your facility is the same approach we would apply if the operation were our own.

What percentage of my costs should go for food and beverages?2018-11-28T21:02:58-08:00

It depends on the concept. Successful operations’ food and beverage costs can range from 20 to 40%. What is good for one concept may be disastrous for another. PFF can tailor the costs strategy to fit the P&L margin needs, using menu analysis, sales mix and theoretical cost schedules. There are industry standards to compare to, but in the end, each operation generates its own special profile.

Will I need expensive computer software and hardware to manage my numbers better?2018-11-28T21:02:59-08:00

No. Successful food operations were running long before computers ever came along. It is amazing how often many dollars are spent on an exotic point-of-sale system for it to only be used as a cash register. If you already have something high tech, PFFW can show you how to better use it. If not, we can still show you how to make money with a pencil and pocket calculator.

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