Kitchen Design and F&B Operations Consulting

Having to rely on a few months of business to make a successful year is part of the territory when operating a ski resort. With the weather often unpredictable and beyond your control, it is even more important to maximize every possible revenue stream. Next to lift tickets, food and beverage sales are the second biggest source of revenue for a ski resort, and Profitable Food Facilities Worldwide has the knowledge, tools and track record to help you realize those profits.

Make guests’ experiences at your ski resort more than just a day on the slopes by providing food and beverage services that get them re-energized and back out skiing quickly. The experts at PFFW will help you have the proper groundwork laid and carried through for a successful visitor experience. Whether it’s a cafeteria, full-service restaurant, bar or mountaintop bistro, we will show you better way to manage your resources, staff and time.

  • Are your skiers and snowboarders finding fast-moving lines at lunchtime?
  • Are you looking for better management of venues spread out over the mountain?
  • Is it time to overhaul or redesign the kitchen facilities for speed, organization and staff efficiency?

Whether troubleshooting an existing operation in peak season, or drawing a smart set of kitchen plans for the newest lodge, we make it happen. As ski resorts position themselves in the competition to enhance the visitor experience, PFF will be there for food and beverage ideas, planning and presentation.


Why Choose Us For Your Ski & Mountain Resorts?

  • Proven leader in the food and beverage industry
  • Experts in food service management
  • Team of professionals specializing in project and construction management
  • Engineered profitability and a proven track record of success
  • Provide specific action plans and timelines tailored to your facility
  • Follow-up programs to further achieve your goals and desired results.

What Clients Say

Mike Holtzman is a seasoned Food and Beverage professional who understands every detail of the business and he also knows what questions to ask to better understand a business’s challenges and opportunities. I would recommend his work to anyone operating a food and beverage business who wants to bring about substantial improvements to their business model and their bottom line.

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