Kitchen Design and F&B Operations Consulting

The food and beverages services of convention centers serve a varied clientele when it comes to number of guests, time of service, and food preferences. To be efficient and profitable, preparation and service areas must be flexible and streamlined. PFFW will work with you to develop facilities plans, menus, and training procedures to make sure your food and beverage component contributes its part to the bottom line.

Our experience in the hospitality industry means we know what is required to run these services and can work with you in attaining optimum profitability as well as developing models to show you how effectively and efficiently these services are performing.

Why Choose Us For Your Convention Center?

  • Proven leader in the food and beverage industry
  • Experts in food service management
  • Team of professionals specializing in project and construction management
  • Engineered profitability and a proven track record of success
  • Provide specific action plans and timelines tailored to your facility
  • Follow-up programs to further achieve your goals and desired results.

Consulting & Design Clients

(Hotels and Convention Centers)

Brighton Hotels, OH

Edgewater Hotel, MN

Focus Enterprises, IN

Glenwood Springs Resort, CO

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Express, OH

ZMC Hotels, MN

What Clients Say

It has been a real pleasure communicating and coordinating the Comanche Nation Casinos projects with you.